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Dear Wiseburn and Da Vinci Community, As a result of construction delays stemming from the bankruptcy of the main electrical contractor and some setbacks on the soil condition in the new parking lot, the opening of the main academic building (Phase 1) of Wiseburn High School - home of the Da Vinci high schools, will [...]

neurontin 300 mg cap

Progress is moving along quickly at the new Wiseburn campus, future home of Da Vinci Communications, Da Vinci Design, and Da Vinci Science. The construction crew celebrated another milestone this month with the installation of glass on the east and north elevations on exterior of the building! In the coming weeks, the drywall on the [...]

buy neurontin overnight

Construction activity at the new Wiseburn campus at 201 N. Douglas St. continues at a fast pace as the crew has begun installing the double sided drywall from the fourth floor down. This week, the crew continues to work on the framing and drywall around the atrium, installing tile in the bathrooms, and installing the glass [...]

order gabapentin for dogs

Please join us this Saturday (Jan. 21) for a Construction Open House & Tours at our new Wiseburn High School campus, the future home of Da Vinci Communications, Da Vinci Design, Da Vinci Science, and Wiseburn and Da Vinci administrative offices. Drop in any time with your family between 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at [...]

buy neurontin for pets

  The new high school campus at 201 N. Douglas St. has celebrated another milestone as framing for the theater/multi-use auditorium has been erected! The Balfour Beatty team is making excellent progress as they continue to erect scaffolding around the outside of the building while simultaneously pouring concrete on the first floor and installing the [...]

neurontin 900 mg day

The Balfour Beatty team is making excellent progress as framing on the theater/multi-use auditorium has begun and scaffolding on the south side of the main building at 201 N. Douglas Street is fully erected! Over the past few weeks, the glass for the four-story atrium (pictured right) was installed and steel upgrades are continuing. [...]

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