Project Updates

Construction Update: New Atrium, Skylight and Roof


Construction continues on schedule thanks to the hardworking Balfour Beatty Construction team! This month, the 80-person crew is continuing to make great progress constructing the framing and glass walls for the skylight at the new high school campus at 201 N. Douglas St. The interior will feature a four-story atrium naturally illuminated by a central [...]

Construction Update: New Atrium, Skylight and Roof2017-07-26T13:29:46-07:00

Construction Update: June 22, 2016


The crew at the campus is making excellent progress as framing for the classrooms has been erected on the second, third, and fourth floors. With demolition now completed, the 110 workers will move forward installing the framing for the impressive atrium, a space that is four stories high. Workers are simultaneously installing structural steel upgrades [...]

Construction Update: June 22, 20162017-07-26T13:28:40-07:00

Construction Update: May 12, 2016


Over the past three months there have been major structural and seismic upgrades occurring inside the building at 201 N. Douglas Street. Since March, a team of 50 to 60 workers including plumbers, framers, electricians, and fireproofing contractors have been on site. The building is now taking shape as framers have begun to erect classroom [...]

Construction Update: May 12, 20162017-07-26T13:25:59-07:00

Construction Update: January 22, 2016


Progress at the new Wiseburn campus at 201 N. Douglas St. marches on in 2016 as demolition has wrapped up its final stages. Today, the crew poured 100 yards of concrete in preparation for strengthening the foundation of the building. Next week, the crew will begin installing concrete caissons and making steel structural upgrades inside [...]

Construction Update: January 22, 20162017-07-26T13:22:46-07:00

Dump Trucks, Cranes, Excavators, Oh My!


Today has been an eventful day at 201 N. Douglas St. The removal of 8,200 square-feet of building beginning from the roof to the concrete floor was completed in a single day! Workers also separated the excavated materials into two stacks -- one for construction waste and one to be reused in the new facility. [...]

Dump Trucks, Cranes, Excavators, Oh My!2016-11-16T18:58:36-08:00

Demolition Moving Full Steam Ahead


If you've gone by 201 N. Douglas these past two weeks, you will have noticed that demolition is moving full steam ahead! Workers have been removing the "skin" of the building on the north and east facing sides, as well as dismantling the louvers (vents) and windows. They are removing vast portions of the building (40 feet [...]

Demolition Moving Full Steam Ahead2016-11-16T18:58:36-08:00

Demolition Has Begun!


  Demolition at the new Wiseburn campus at 201 N. Douglas St. has officially begun with workers dismantling louvers (vents) which will be salvaged, then painted, and then reinstalled in the new building. This is a great way to make construction more environmentally friendly and is one of 1300Rubbish's recycling tips. Whether the workers have [...]

Demolition Has Begun!2016-11-16T18:58:36-08:00

Wiseburn Unified & Da Vinci Schools Officially Break Ground


Construction is officially beginning on the development of one of the most innovative campuses ever envisioned for 21st century learning. About 500 school officials, community members, architects, project consultants, and local education leaders gathered for a groundbreaking celebration on Aug. 20 marking the official start of construction of Wiseburn Unified's $140 million, four-story, 217,000 SF [...]

Wiseburn Unified & Da Vinci Schools Officially Break Ground2020-06-25T07:48:44-07:00

Live Construction Webcam Now Streaming


We've just added a 24/7 live streaming webcam to view construction progress at the new Wiseburn campus at 201 N. Douglas St. The webcam will provide continuous live streaming video of the 13.7 acre construction site that will house Da Vinci Communications, Da Vinci Design, and Da Vinci Science high schools. The webcam is available [...]

Live Construction Webcam Now Streaming2016-11-16T18:58:36-08:00

The “Before” Photos


Check out some of the "before" photos taken by Mark Savage of Mark Savage Photography. After a full year in review, the plans for renovation of the facility were formally approved by the Division of the State Architect in July of 2015. Through the guidance of Facilities Director, Vince Madsen, and the visionary architects at [...]

The “Before” Photos2015-08-19T17:09:14-07:00