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logo-gensler: Academia is rethinking how teaching and research work. From middle school to graduate school, the new model is interdisciplinary, interactive, and hands-on.

It is a privilege and an honor to work with Gensler, one of the finest architecture and design firms in the world. Drawing on its extensive portfolio informed by a world view across various practice areas, Gensler has designed a world-class campus at 201 N. Douglas Street, El Segundo, CA, that will support an interdisciplinary curriculum where students engage in a collaborative learn-by-doing model. Gensler’s education projects — from PlayMaker School in Santa Monica, to KIPP NYC, to projects at Columbia University, Northwestern University, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, The Wharton School, U of Penn, and many more, incorporate flexible design innovation and collaborative learning spaces to prepare students for college and career success.

We are extraordinarily grateful to the visionary and multi-talented Gensler team that includes: Andy Cohen, John Adams, Nathan Kim, David Herjeczki, Tom Williams, Richard Lee, Hannah Lee, Heidi Hampton, Shira Zur, Gwen Corey, Suhoon Bae, and Sung Ze Yi; and Gensler’s contractors, including: Nasir Navidpour at Saiful Bouquet, Larry Sun at tk1sc, Reza Rezaian of KPFF, Vidar Landa at AON, and Robin Carmichael at Pamela Burton Landscape Architects.

Another key player in the design of our new campus is David Stephen of New Vista Designs for 21st Century Learning. David, an architect and educator, led an unprecedented facility planning process that included community members, educational leaders, teachers and architects. Over the course of several meetings, this committee identified educational and design goals and “must haves” for the campus. David was a key architect in the development of the highly acclaimed High Tech High in San Diego.

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This project would not be possible without Vince Madsen, Wiseburn’s director of facilities planning, who is in charge of coordinating all aspects of the project, and Balfour Beatty Construction